What is the difference between palliative care and hospice?

Nothing really. Hospice is what we are - palliative care is the branch of medicine we practice.

What services does Hospice Tairawhiti provide?

Services Hospice Tairawhti provide may include community care, bereavement care, counselling and spiritual care, day-stay care, respite care, equipment hire, as well as education and research. The services are provided by a multidisciplinary team, which may include: doctors, nurses, counsellors, spiritual counsellors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers. Volunteers are also a vital part of our team and provide services such as massage therapy and baking.

Where is hospice or palliative care provided?

At home - Hospice Tairawhiti work alongside the patient's own doctor and district nurses and family. 

In in-patient facilities - patients are admitted for a few days or weeks for specialist care. This may be for symptom control, respite or terminal care. Admission may be to Gisborne Hospital or an Aged Care Facility.

What services are available for rural patients?

Due to the large geographical and our limited number of staff we do make home visits to rural areas. As a general rule we can travel as far as Tolaga Bay, Te Karaka, Patutahi and Muriwai, however visits to these area would be limited. 

Care for rural patients is done in close consultation with the patients' General Practitioner and the Rural Health Nurses. Most of our consultations are done by phone, and patients are welcome to make an appointment with us if they are coming to town. 

Specialist equipment is not provided past Tolaga Bay. Patients living in this area should obtain equipment from Ngati Porou Hauora.

Who can use Hospice services?

Hospice Tairawhiti can provide care for anyone who has a terminal diagnosis irrespective of age, religion, or ethnicity. The majority of patients have cancer, but patients with other terminal illnesses also receive care (e.g. motor neurone disease, MS, heart failure).

Do you have to pay for hospice palliative care?

No, hospice palliative care is free of charge to patients and their families. The cost of care is covered by a contribution from Government through the Ministry of Health, the remainder (approx 40%) is raised from the community through grants, donations and fundraising activities.